for Solo Practices

Clinician's MIND is designed to ease the numerous demands of a complex treatment practice.



♦ Built in Video Tutorial


♦ Streamline and Organize your Practice


♦ Straightforward and Easy Electonic Data Interchange

        ♦ 837 files - One Click Claim Submission

        ♦ 270/271 files - Single or Batch Eligiblity Inquiries

        ♦ 835 Files - Auto insert payments into the ledger







♦ Individualized Action/Treatment Plan with included goals, objectives and interventions or create your own list



♦ Comprehensive/Diagnostic Assessment with customizable smart features


♦ Child and AdolescentNeeds and Strengths (CANS) integration with Practice Forms



♦ Expedite online data entry for Outcome Testing, Authorizations and Claim entry using the Clinician's MIND/Browser integration feature



♦ Avoid No-Shows - Auto send appointment reminders via text message or email using the Built-in Calendar or MsOutlook



♦ Improved productivity and payments with enhanced auto tracking features for Authorizations, Action Plans, Quarterly Monitoring Reports, Overdue Claim payments and Outcome testing


♦ Generate Reports for accounting requirements - uncomplicated and efficient accounting system


♦ 3 different Session Note formats to suit your needs and preferences


♦ Easy Access and integration with all Client Documents (testing, letters, reports, etc.)



♦ DSM V with ICD 9-10


♦ Submit Claims for Solo/Group Practices


♦ Easy to use Set up Guide


♦ Synchronize client information and appointments with MsOutlook Contacts and Appointments


♦ Signature importing tool - plus other convenient features                          




♦ Free Support and Updates








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