for Solo Practices


I have a Fine Arts degree as well as an MSW and spent the early part of my life as a potter.  I enjoyed the creative process involved in being an artist/craftsman and now as a Clinical Social Worker. However, the increasing paperwork demands of the profession are at times overwhelming and burdensome.  Clinician's MIND® is the outcome of years of trying to manage this burden so I could direct my energy toward providing a high quality of direct service and also find the time to meet my own needs as a husband, father and now grandfather.  The ability to customize, streamline and organize my practice became the driving force behind the program. I want to thank all those who have contributed their ideas and support in making Clinician's MIND a reality.  I particularly want to thank my wife, Lauren, for her grace and enduring support during this process. Please give your feedback and any suggestions you may have. Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards,

Alan Schwartz LICSW

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